We are a young team with brilliant aspirations.

With focus on success, at Digital Storm we work on a logic of total availability to the customer. We provide the product and we assume a constant partnership: we install the panels, ensure the maintenance and show you that light is the solution.


LED Displays are currently a way of efficient communication that impacts many people in a short period of time. The Digital Storm helps you to tell stories in a dynamic way: we capture public’s attention and increase the visibility of your business. We impact your audience non-invasively because we get the world to see your message without intrusion.

And we thought of you as the transmitter of the message. The remote control allows you to optimize your advertising spends: the message can be changed so it is always updated and adjusted to the audience.

We believe that communication through LED Displays is the one which causes the greatest impact near the audience. From the sender’s side, it’s possible to control the message in real time and adapt it to the public and special moments.


Our goal is to achieve full satisfaction of our customers.
We are responsible for renting and selling LED Displays but also for the installation and maintenance of the equipment.
Our commitment is to provide a service of quality and proximity: we want to see your business shine.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
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In the event of a dispute, the consumer may appeal to this Dispute Resolution Entity.
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